I have installed Open edX using IBM Cloud site, How I can access my admin panel?

I have installed Open edX site usng IBM Cloud site, How I can access my admin panel. 3kl9yanl.openedx.site is the url for my site, How I can set administrator username and password and start creating customizint the site

@Pravin_Khandve I don’t know IBM Cloud site - do they offer to setup an Open edX instance for you, or did they just provide you with a VM and you did the setup yourself? A URL to the service you used would help. If it’s the first option, they should be providing you with a way to create a user, you might need to contact them. If it’s the later, you can create an admin user yourself, see:


You could also see if the instance you are using has the default users setup:


You can create and edit courses from Studio:


You also have the Django admin interface available at <your.lms.url>/admin