Problems enabling Open edX Search


I am trying to replicate this page into my openedx instance and I believe I need to enable the search engine but I am facing some problems.

I have a fullstack Ironwood installation, I have enabled open edx search following the official guide for Ironwood but it is not working as expected:

In LMS, logged out, when I click in “Explore courses” it sends me to my-site/courses and I get a “Page not found error”. If I enable “COURSES_ARE_BROWSABLE” flag in lms.env.json I get a page that is similar to but with no content and no possibility of finding any course.

In LMS, logged in, I am able to search for content, but only for course content (not course title or course name)

In CMS. Searching for info, somewhere I found that courses may need to be reindexed, but pressing “Reindex” into a course always generate an error.

Sorry, I believe there are three topics in one, but they all came in when I enable search in Open Edx.

Does anyone have had this problem and have an idea of how to fix it?

Thanks for any help or idea