Improvements to the FAQ?

A discussion today in the Slack workspace made me think we can improve the FAQ on the site.

  1. Can you find it? :slight_smile:
  2. Does it put the most common questions at the top?
  3. Are the questions well-worded?

@nedbat I definitely agree, we should try to optimize the FAQs!
For this purpose, here (Open edX Community FAQs - Google Docs) is a shared document where everyone can enter a few FAQs that are relevant and in need of clarification from the user’s point of view.

The FAQ page is an important tool not only for users, but also for us service providers. If a requester or customer has a basic/general question, we can simply refer to the page in order to answer quickly and easily.

It is also a good place to once again point out and describe the difference between edX and Open edX.

Some questions that should be in the list:

“What is the difference between edX and Open edX?”
“Can I offer a course on”