Indigo Theme Upgrades

Hello! I’m a Product Manager and a new addition to this community. I wanted to learn more about your thoughts on Tutor’s Indigo theme as I’ll be working to make the theme the best possible experience for users. I would be very appreciative if you can answer some of these questions for me.

  1. Can you recall any challenges or limitations you faced using the theme?
  2. Are there any features in the current theme that you particularly like or find useful?
  3. Are there specific customisation options you would like to have?
  4. Are there any other tools or plugins that you use alongside this theme and have you faced any compatibility issues?

Is there anything else I should have asked regarding the theme that you would like to highlight?

Please also let me know your preferred method of follow-up and if it is email, kindly share it with me and I’ll do my best to not bother you! :slight_smile:
You can also email me at

Looking forward to hearing your experiences!


I began using the indigo theme right off the bat as soon as I started Tutor, so as far as I’m concerned my experience is the default and I have nothing to compare to, I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread :slight_smile:

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I suggest you choose colors that are WCAG 2.2 conformant at the AA level, since most educational institutions and many corporations around the world are required to follow these Guidelines or equivalent local regulations

Unfortunately due to quirks in the W3C’s luminance contrast formula (and human visual processing), light blue doesn’t always work for this.

In terms of customization options, I’d appreciate it if someone would add UI in User Profile to allow individual customization of the styling of video captions.

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Thank you so much Jeff. This is all very specific and useful - definitely a help!
Can you share your email address or any other channel through which I might contact you in case of follow up questions?

I am at

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Is there a reason that we can’t fix the existing theme? Including and up to drop-in replacing the default with most of what’s in indigo? I’m concerned with having two “default” themes.

The theme updates are meant to improve the existing theme. This will be version 2 of the same Indigo theme. I hope that helps!