Custom theming with tutor-indigo plugin

Hi All!

I’ve been looking into using the the tutor-indigo plugin for theming and I am curious about what features we could hope for in the future? I found an older post about using multiple themes but looks like not much has come of it, upstream at least. I’d love to see multiple theme support for the indigo plugin as we could reuse the same openedx image for multiple sites and only set a different theme, right now we’d have to duplicate our image builds to use this plugin.

In addition, it would be awesome to have an indigo footer component for the MFE’s that’d be at least somewhat configurable. It makes sense to build a more complex custom footer (if you need one), but what if you only want to tweak the copyright statement and add a few links? Could we have a configurable copyright string and if not a configurable list of links then say the the default links from FOOTER_NAV_LINKS in the indigo plugin with well populated css classes so folks could display: none; what they don’t need?

What are the thoughts about this in the community? :slight_smile: