[inform] Devstack documentation is on Read the Docs

If you’re a developer looking for Devstack’s documentation, you can now find it here: https://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/open-edx-devstack/en/latest/.

Devstack has until recently had a large amount of documentation in its README file, which was both difficult to navigate and also hid some important links to other documentation. While all of this was technically published to Read the Docs (RTD), it was not published there in an easily findable way.

Hopefully this will better expose workflow, troubleshooting, and configuration information that people have historically had trouble finding due to the links being lost in the large readme. Provisioning information, the service table, and advanced configuration now have their own pages on RTD rather than being crammed into the readme.

The ArchBOM team at 2U may continue making improvements, but we’re not expecting any further large-scale movements of text.

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