Input Needed: PDF Certificate Usage and Usecases

We need your input to help refine the leaner credentials roadmap for the Open edX platform.

If you are currently using the PDF certificate features, please respond to this thread. Please provide details about:

  • Your current usage of PDF certificates
  • Your current version of the Open edX platform
  • Your PDF certificate use cases
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You might remember that we were still using PDF certificates at EDUlib until very recently. We moved from Koa Native to Nutmeg Tutor in mid-January this year when we were able to switch payment processor from Paysafe/Netbanx to Cybersource. That solved our Payment MFE issues and we took the plunge to HTML certificates by the same occasion. We still have the PDF certificates accessible for users who had those previously, but all our new certificates are HMTL based since January 21st, 2023.

Obviously, I remember Stanford was using PDF certificates too, but since they closed their instance about 2 years or 3 years ago, I don’t know who might still be using their fork of edx-certificates or if anybody is still using PDF certificates.

There is one thing I would like to point out though after reading some of the learner credentials stuff over the past few months: Honor Certificates are still being used.

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We use pdf certs for various clients.

Open edX version ranges from gingko up to maple.

Use cases include

  • Keep a copy of pdf file to be downloadable
  • Keep a pdf file in case of redesign of certificate
  • So the users can share/store it as per their needs

Usually we’ll send the certs to S3, keep in local storage or use minio storage.

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