Deprecation/Removal: PDF course certificates will no longer be viewable (DEPR-157)


We are planning to remove the code in edx-platform that allows PDF course certificates to be viewed.

Web (HTML) course certificates will continue to be supported. All course runs that use course certificates should be configured to use web certificates.

Please see [DEPR-157] Replace PDF course certificate view code in edx-platform - JIRA for more details.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

I would like to make sure I understand perfectly the repercussions on old courses (ongoing or closed).

Does that mean that students will no longer be able to display from their dashboard PDF certificates obtained during those courses?


Yes, that’s correct.

Once this code has been removed, students will no longer be able to view PDF course certificates from their dashboard (or elsewhere).

However, if the course run is updated to use web (HTML) certificates, students will be able to view their certificates.