Input Needed: Certificate Modes

Would definitely be curious to hear about honor cert usage as well, sorry to co-opt your thread, @e0d :sweat_smile:

My team maintains the Credentials IDA and we are curious about how many of the legacy course cert types are still supported by Open edX operators. Also interested to hear about “read only” / deprecated use cases, e.g. if you’ve moved to web certs for newly issued certificates but still recognize or link to pdf certs for completed courses on the learner dash.

Only “verified” (paid through ecommerce) certs or “honor” (free through audit/honor setup in ecommerce) certs in our case.

The honor certs are a huge component of our courses. I am concerned honor certs could disappear because of the Credentials IDA or even Commerce Coordinator.

We still currently link to the PDF certs on the learner dashboard. We had no expectations it would remain on the learner dashboard, but as long as the table remains in the database, we could always send a link to the S3 bucket if users require a copy of their PDF certs.

I split this topic from the original one about PDF certificates to keep the conversations clearer.

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Same as @sambapete we do it in same manner.

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