Insights and Ubuntu 20.04

I currently have Insights installed on an old Ubuntu 16.04 server with Extended Security Maintenance.

I am currently running it on a separate single server with versions dating back from open-release/juniper.master and crunching data from a Koa environment.

Has someone successfully installed Insights under Ubuntu 20.04? I am trying to run the analytics_single.yml Ansible playbook from configuration and I am running into all sorts of issues.

I’ve also noticed that some repositories have changed names like edx-analytics-data-api becoming edx-analytics-data-api-client? Or edx-analytics-pipeline having completely disappeared?

I know the newest Tutor installation doesn’t support Insights yet and that potential alternatives are Cairn (from the Wizard Edition of Tutor) or Figures (from Appsembler but not available yet as a plugin for the Maple release of Tutor). But in the meantime, how am I supposed to upgrade Insights? Or should I stay at the version I am currently running with juniper.master and Ubuntu 20.04?

I was working on an analytics solution for our website as well with a Tutor plugin at

Building the edx-analytics-data-api and edx-analytics-dashboard parts of the Insights was quite straight forward, however, there is no alternative to the edx-analytics-pipeline with it being depreciated.

I am currently taking a look at the + Mixpanel solution as suggested on this forum.

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