Insights: Getting wrong Module Engagement Data

Hello all,
I am running below mentioned tasks in insights:

remote-task ModuleEngagementIntervalTask --user ubuntu --host localhost --remote-name analyticstack --skip-setup --wait --local-scheduler --interval 2019-08-26-2019-09-04 --n-reduce-tasks 16 --overwrite-from-date 2019-09-04 --overwrite-mysql

remote-task ModuleEngagementWorkflowTask --user ubuntu --host localhost --remote-name analyticstack --skip-setup --wait --local-scheduler --date 2019-09-04 --indexing-tasks 5 --throttle 0.5 --n-reduce-tasks 16 --overwrite-n-days 14

Tasks were executed successfully but I am not getting proper data on Insights Dashboard,
I came to this conclusion by checking a user’s post in discussion forum on LMS side, it was created within provided date range in tasks still, on Insights dashboard it does not show any data of that user on Learners page.
And in addition if I query reports db I am getting that users record in module_engagement with proper comment id but not on Insights Dashboard.

LMS and Insights both are on open-release/hawthorn.master release and on separate EC2 Instances(native installation)

Does anyone have idea what to do? Please suggest if I am doing anything wrong. Other than these data its all correct and accurate.