Unable to load chart for Insights Engagement

I recently finished running the following remote tasks for Insights:


I was previously receiving a 500 error, which I am assuming was because I didn’t run the tasks yet. However I am now getting the following image when clicking on Engagements in Insights:


I’ve checked the hive warehouse and there is data within user_activity_by_user and module_engagement. However, there isn’t any data in course_acitvity. I’ve seen someone else experience something similar here. I’ve changed the calendar values and some other ones in the override.cfg referenced from this post here, removed the related databases in hive and made sure luigi re-ran the tasks. Same issue still persists.

I’ve previously seen this type of issue when there was no data for whichever lens I was viewing. I guess I want to ask 2 questions:

  1. What constitutes type of action constitutes as data for engagement? Does attempting a question in the demo course count as data for engagement?
  2. Since it displays data for the previous 1 - 2 weeks. Do I need data for at least two weeks? (I only started creating data 3-4 days ago)

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