Install Figures in Tutor Overhang

I want to install figures, but the progress of the course is still empty.
when I check the task for the figures is already in django settings, like below

{'figures-populate-daily-metrics': {'task': 'figures.tasks.populate_daily_metrics', 'schedule': <crontab: 0 2 * * * (m/h/d/dM/MY)>, 'options': {'queue': 'edx.lms.core.default'}}, 'figures-monthly-metrics': {'task': 'figures.tasks.run_figures_monthly_metrics', 'schedule': <crontab: 0 0 * 1 * (m/h/d/dM/MY)>, 'options': {'queue': 'edx.lms.core.default'}}, 'refresh-saml-metadata': {'task': 'third_party_auth.fetch_saml_metadata', 'schedule': datetime.timedelta(1)}}

when I check the logs lms-worker (tutor local logs lms-worker | grep "populate_daily_metrics") , it doesn’t run the task in figures. I have also restarted all services but still not running. can anyone help? thanks

tutor version 10.2.1