Installation of Open edX

I am beginner, but really beginner, with open edx. On a scale of 0 to 10 I give myself -1.
I am obliged (pleasant obligation) to install an open edx platform for an e-learnig project.
there are no experienced people around me in open edx.
my questions:

  1. To install open edx what is the best host and is there free web host so I can, first, practice setting open edx
  2. is there a tutorial, pdf or video, to follow the installation step by step.

Than you very much
best regards

Hi @tounes and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

You might find this guide from @lpm0073 useful -

Alternatively Tutor (built by @regis) is another great solution -

There’s also the core documentation which you might find helpful -

If you run into trouble, come back and make a post in ops-help and someone might be able to give you a hand (if you’re a -1 I’m at about a -37, so I can only point you in the right direction!), but please make sure you provide plenty of information about what errors you’re encountering (please don’t just paste the entire massive log dump), and describe the steps you’re taking up until that point, else nobody stands a chance at helping you.

Lastly, despite the above, Open edX is not exactly easy to run, maintain and upgrade. You may want to strongly consider a software-as-a-service provider if it all gets too much.

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Thank you for the response and a « big thank you »
for the helpfulness and friendliness…

It’s really nice.

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