Which is the best way to run Open edX in local host?

what is the way to host it on localhost ubuntu in 2022? I am having trouble in bitnami and native.

I would recommend using Tutor since it is the official Docker-based Open edX distribution, both for production and local development.

You can learn more about Tutor here

Installation instructions can be found here

Finally, there is also a Tutor Discourse forum similar to this one you can visit at

I hope this answers your question.


what about bitnami? i am having trouble accessing the website after a successful installation. when i enter the ip address in my browser it doesn’t work but wordpress in bitnami works.

I am not familiar with the bitnami installation.

As you will find here

As announced when we released Lilac, the [Tutor](https://docs.tutor.overhang.io/) installation method is now the only supported way of installing the Maple release