Integrating Open edX with Pearson MyLab

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I am a teaching assistant in MEF University which is located in Turkey. Currently we are evaluating the possible change of our LMS from Blackboard into Open edX. However, as expected we are facing with some challenges. The major issue that we are facing is the integration of Pearson MyLab with Open edX.

We contacted with Pearson support but they did not respond comprehensively yet they stated that they have some integration with Moodle.

The question is: Has anyone managed to combine Pearson MyLab with open edX?

If you know a place that we can get a help accordingly, please reply this message.

Thank you all.

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I believe Pearson MyLab supports LTI. See here:


Hi Furkan,

We can help you with the integration, please feel free to contact me on

Hi Nate,

Thank you for your attention.

We’ve checked that website but as stated they are only providing support to BB, Canvas, Moodle, and Brightspace. So, there is nothing there…

Lots of LTI compatible tools don’t mention Open edX but LTI is a standard so MyLabs should work with Open edX as well as though other LMSes.