Open edX Installation

Hi Everyone,
just a quick question asking if anyone on here has experience installing and setting up Openedx as an LMS for use for students.
We’ve been using moodle but we get heaps of complaints from students as it looks ugly and clunky, which I think is fair.

I’ve asked my moodle guy if he can install openedx but he wont even look at it. Is there anyone on here who can setup and get operational, I’ve had a very hard time finding people with experience in this.

I am a non tech person, so I would be unable to offer any real advice or guidance, except I want an LMS which is simple and we can upload our courses and training onto.

Thanks in advance.
Ben Klatt

Hi @bklatt

Welcome to the community.

Yes of course. You can choose from this list of providers if you have a budget for this:

I would recommend that you speak to at least one provider and go through your requirements one by one to make sure the Open edX® platform is right for you before moving over.

But yes indeed, the Moodle user experience is super clunky and the Open edX platform is user friendly indeed. :slight_smile:

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