Interactive Periodic Table - Does it work?

Did anyone try to integrate interactive periodic table as instructed in the docs ?
I’m facing some strange problems.

  1. When I copy the code to a new unit in a new course, it doesn’t display.
  2. When I copy the code to a new unit in Let’s get interactive Lesson of edX demo course, it works !
  3. When I copy the code to a new unit in the edX demo course it doesn’t work. but the displayed periodic table from #2, when moves to the new unit in the edX demo course, it works. and the next moment, the previous code which doesn’t work, also starts displaying the periodic table.

@nadheemabdulla I think you are using this one:
The documentation page mentions that this isn’t a tool supported by edX, so it might not work well on recent releases of the platform.

In which release are you running this on?
Did you upload all the files to the Files & Uploads page in Studio?
Note: you need to upload the static files on each course you want to run this on. So if you are using a different course, you have to upload the files there too.

One tip is to look at the console output of your browser and checking if all files are being properly loaded.

Edit: It seems to be working well on the current master devstack:

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Thank you @giovannicimolin !

I’m running on Ironwood

I did. At first I thought there had been some issues with the uploaded files, but then I noticed that even in edX demo course (where the periodic table already works very well in a section) ,it doesn’t work when I copy the code to a new unit in a new section.

Okay let me check this out.