Introducing Discourse Slack Integration

People this might be relevant to: Maintainers, Working Groups, CCs

We’ve just enabled the discourse-chat-plugin to integrate between Slack and Discourse.

To setup cross-posting from discourse(this forum) to the Open edX Slack workspace, you can file a new tCRIL request using the request process.

When making requests be sure to provide details about how you want the rules to work based on the possible settings described here.

As an added bonus, there is also now a new shortcut to copy some conversation or thread from Slack onto discourse.

We’re hoping these integrations will make it easier to move conversations that should be more permanent to Discourse more easily. The integrations are completely optional and if they become annoying I encourage you to speak up.

Nice. @feanil: Can you provide some examples that tCRIL is setting up? I imagine we might be able to simplify some OEP processes (e.g. DEPR, OEPs, etc.) where we can just post to Discourse and let the bot do the rest. It would be great to know which of these changes are already planned (if any). Maybe we could discuss them here and then create tickets.

I setup the following as proof-of-concepts:

I generally recommend stick with first posts to encourage that the conversation happens in Discourse when possible because of it’s better retention policy and search capabilities over slack. Cross posting all posts in a thread would be very noisy also.