Moving topics from edXchange?

@nedbat Thank you for creating this category!

For those who know about edXchange, we are thinking of moving the discussions here, to allow to have all the community discussions in one place. I thought I would also ask here what you think - would that be good for you?

Since both are discourse instances, ideally we would actually move the actual forum threads here, but that doesn’t seem to be easily doable. So instead the idea would be to start new threads here, which link to the original thread from edXchange for reference, at the beginning. And on edxchange’s side, to redirect to the new threads here.

To show the approach and give a taste of some of the ongoing edXchange topics, I’ll redirect 2-3 threads from edXchange to be replied here - in addition to @xitij2000’s new thread here about Discourse integration plugin for Open edX which is already here. But we can change/adapt based on comments.

Btw, this is in the “development” category because it had to be in one of the existing top-level categories, but just like edXchange the idea is for these discussions to be accessible by both developers, users and educators alike - since it’s users who use the features! :slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to post and drive projects in this section, regardless of technical skills. And if anything is ever too technical to understand, don’t hesitate to ask for explanations.

To learn more about the motivation and the history behind edXchange (and now this category), see our talk about the initiative from the Open edX Con 2017 (slides).

I also encourage you to go browse the list of topics on edXchange, to see if there is one of interest to you. If so, don’t hesitate to create a thread for it here, linking to the original thread from edXchange, to bring it up to the attention on this forum, and see if other people have something to contribute to that discussion.


Thanks Xavier! We’re really hoping that the collaborative style pioneered at edXchange can continue after transplantation to here.

On the subject of categories: everything is malleable. I want this forum to work for people, so if the categories seem misaligned or stifling, by all means, suggest changes!

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