🫒 Olive has been released!

It’s that time of the year again! The Open edX Build/Test/Release working group is proud to present the latest major release of our favorite learning platform: Olive :olive:!

The release is packed with improvements and interesting new features, including a new Authentication MFE and a new Discussions MFE.

Detailed release notes are available at Open edX Olive Release — Open edX Release Notes documentation (at the time of this announcement the release notes are still being finalized, but should become available in a few hours). Thanks to @pdpinch for preparing the notes!

You should also have a look at the Changelog from Tutor, to check all the nice changes that have landed since you last upgraded: tutor/CHANGELOG.md at master · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

The release would not have been possible without the relentless work of the Build Test Release Working Group members. A big thanks goes to @arbrandes for taking over the group chair role and for a huge amount of work he’s done to make sure we were able to include all the shiny new MFEs in this release.

Thanks to @regis and the Tutor maintainers @arbrandes @kmccormick @ghassan @jhony_avella for for their continued work on Tutor and for making Olive installation/upgrade as easy as typing a few commands. Thanks to @Dean for designing and overseeing the testing process. I would also like to thank @kmccormick, @nedbat, and @sarina for working on improving and streamlining the release process which saw some nice improvements during the last release cycle.

Thanks to everyone else who helped identify and fix issues with the release, among others @arbrandes @ghassan @kmccormick @regis @mgmdi @Maksim_Sokolskiy @pdpinch @jhony_avella @nedbat @sambapete @Fayyaz_Ahmed @dcoa @feanil @BbrSofiane @mrtmm @yanbutsa @blarghmatey @michael @xitij2000

Now go upgrade your Open edX platforms and enjoy! :rocket: :palm_tree:


I’d like to hijack this topic to say another huge THANK YOU to the Tutor plugin maintainers: @arbrandes @ghassan @jhony_avella @kmccormick. You have been absolutely instrumental in getting this release off the ground. :heart:

In particular, you implemented what I consider the most important feature of Olive, which is dynamic micro-frontend configuration. This barbaric name hides a key point of Open edX deployment: it basically means that deploying Open edX will be much faster and will no longer require lots of memory resources to rebuild Docker images :rocket: It will make the lives of thousands of platform administrators much easier, and I think that’s just grand :smiling_face:


Further hijacking: Thank you to all the organizations and contributors in the Open edX community that contributed improvements to platform since Nutmeg. Without all of you, we would have nothing to release!

In particular I’d like to thank those who worked closely with the Build-Test-Release group to get complex features integrated into the release, notably eduNEXT who designed & developed dynamic frontend configuration, and 2U who delivered a swath of replatformed frontend pages🔥You all rock!