Introducing Paragon Spotlight

Hello engineers and designers,

As part of an effort to communicate updates and upgrades in the Paragon Design System, we are creating a newsletter in GitHub! It will be published quarterly and will include notable new components, functionality, and other changes we think you’d like to know about.

Check out the first edition:


Best wishes,

Paragon lead team


I really love this idea. Thank you!

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This is great @gweinberg and team, thank you!

It would be really cool to be able to be clear on each component on what release they’re in, perhaps in the title of each like this:

Chip (Nutmeg)


Dropzone (Olive)


etc etc. Is that possible?


Hi @sarina . I think that should be possible with a little help from my engineering counterparts :slight_smile:

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Cool! Let me know if we can help at all - typically releases are “cut” in early April and October, so I would assume Paragon components would follow that. The BTR guild and @arbrandes will be helps here too.

Absolutely! I think involving @AdamStankiewicz on releases would be helpful here, since he is managing the Paragon releases on the edX/OCM side.

Can you attend Paragon Working Group next week at 9:15am EST? I can add an agenda item for this. If not, where might be the best place to continue the conversation?

I can probably attend, what day?

Every Wednesday at 9:15am Eastern Time

Works for me! Could you send me an invite?