Introduction from Sri Lanka Mettavihari

My name is Mettavihari and I am from Denmark, but I have been living in Sri Lanka for the past 50 years.

I am programmer many many years ago but do very little programming now a days.
I use most of my IT knowledge for system Administration and support of our system staff and management of what new things are to be developed on our platform

I am running a not for profit organization started about 14 years ago which is at it start using Television for Distant Education. We have today about 7 Educational Channels some via Cable TV and others via satellite.

We have been running OpenEDX for the past 3 years and I am wondering whether I should look for external support for the installation of EDX on a new server or whether I should proceed as I am at the moment.

We are presently having EDX up on and the site is very small and aimed at our local community.

We have also installed OpenMeeting and my aim is to use these 2 tools in combination for our local Open University to help them in their education in the 28 institutes that they have in Sri Lanka

All things are very impermanent and the Ministry of Higher Education is now having ideas of Teaching 100.000 students a year via Distant Learning. This is something I am not fully with, but it looks feasible to teach with the support of around 1-200 support centers. Some amount of Hand-holding is necessary to get a student to complete a Degree course.

My task ahead of me in the next few month is to expand and support my present setup or get external support for setting up new facilities.

I have some limitations/advantages in that I have internet and Optical fibre connection to my setup for free by several local organizations. I say this because you will then understand that since my hardware infrastructure is totally free I am by that limited from setting up my facilities on a external Cloud.

Well I like to thank you all for being here and available to chat with.

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Welcome! It’s very gratifying to see sites like yours. You say it is very small, but it’s good to start small, you can always grow if that is your goal. The Open edX mission is to spread education, and small sites aimed at specific audiences are a big part of fulfilling that mission!

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