Open edX technology adoption

we are a non profit organization with operation in 20 countries in Latin America, actually we have a LMS solution but we are looking to move to Open edX.
Are there some suggestions, good practices or experiences about this?
Does the community knows about some partner that has experience in Non profit sector?

Thanks in advance for any recomendation or experience on this.
Best regards

EDUnext in latin america could help you with your hosting and staff training. I do not know much about them but if you are looking into choosing between making a new open edX installation or just trying it out with the help of experienced hosting service providers, they could be an interesting resource.

Thanks Vincent!

Both scenarios are under scope, we are going to approach them.

Is not easy to find information about nonprofit organizations in LAAM, working with Open edX.

We have big expectations on this migration.



El El lun, 5 de ago. de 2019 a las 12:19, Vincent Laberge via Open edX escribió:

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We use eduNEXT to support our installation and can attest they are good people to work with. Responsive and know the Open edX world well. Not non-profit nor in Latam, so this comes from a different perspective than yours, but hope it helps.

Thx 4 the correction @nedbat!