Introduction of me

Hi this is Ayman Khoshouey,

How can I join edx as an instructor? I have published more than 25 course in other courses platform like(Udemy, thinkific, courseset, coursetac, Simpliv, etc)

Let us say I’m working smart and creative. For example I’m actually study Automotive engineering in collage and working only 3 years in this field but because I’m loving code which I start in age 10 years old. When my career path changed to Assets Maintenance Management system (IBM Maximo) I decide to improve my computer and programming languages. When I was 10 years I started using simple programing language (Basic) and traveling with all version of Basic (GWBasic, QBasic,Basica,…etc) and now I still working with Basic with the amazing (Visual Studio) 2022.
I’m sorry for this long introduction but it is necessary for the next few lines.
So, regarding my (15 years) of experience I can work as a team leader or supervisor to solve problems and get solutions out of box.
I’m also Instructor in (, Python, C++, C#, Excel VBA, Basic4Android, and IBM Maximo)