I want to introduce myself

Hi, I’m Deimer and I want to introduce myself to the community, I am an electronic engineer and I want to learn a lot about open edx thank you so much for helping people to grow through education.


Welcome @Deimer, great to e-meet you.

I’m Dean from ABC Online Courses.

You are more than welcome to join some of the Open edX® Community Working Groups and get to know the Open edX® Core Contributors who can help direct you to helpful resources.

How would you like to begin your journey? What interests you the most?


Hi @Dean, thank you so much, can you give me some advice to begin this journey ? I was thinking about reading the official documentation, Is this one a good approach ? or maybe there is a shortcut. thank you for helping me.

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Hi @Deimer

Yes indeed, reading the documentation is a great way to get started.

Are you interested in becoming a platform developer or a course author?

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I want to be a platform developer. this one is my idea.

Hi @Deimer

I recall that the community are developing some onboarding training courses for developers!

In the meantime, you can also start learning Tutor if you like: https://discuss.overhang.io/

There are also some great video resources from Tutor, such as this livestream from today in fact which teaches how to upgrade plugins: [Tutor Live Dev] Upgrading plugins to Nutmeg - YouTube

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Thank you so much @Dean, I’m going to watch this livestream and I hope that these courses will be released soon. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

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