Ironwood.master Status Code 400 Could not enroll


I’ve my new installed ironwood.master OpenEDX, running on this address:

i use it for test reason, so i used to recreate some courses of, just to see if it fit well.

I have an issue, when i’m looged in (test user is, once i click on the button “Enroll in HEP101” (for example the course , i can not enrool to a course, i get this error :
Status Code: 400, Could not enroll

when i click twice on the button, i can see this in the log of lms/edx.log:

May 27 00:16:19 eduworld-cm [service_variant=lms][student.models][env:sandbox] WARNING [eduworld-cm 23379] [] - User audit attempted to enroll in course-v1:Begyvesx+HEP101+1T2020, but they were already enrolled

When i’m not logged in, the login form appears for me to log in, and after that i’m enrolled to the course properly.

Need your help to fix this, please.


Is there someone to help me please?