Help Customizing the registration form

I have followed the steps indicated on the official page

But still it does not reflect the changes does anybody know how I can fix it. Thank you

Hi @vane - welcome to Open edX!

To be able to help you debug this, it would be useful to have more details about what you have attempted. Can you detail the changes you have made, the steps you have taken to apply these changes, where you’ve made them, how your environment and installation is setup, whether it’s a devstack or a prod install, etc. Have you checked that the configuration changes are applied? What steps have you attempted to debug it?

In newer versions of Open edX, you must make the change in /edx/etc/lms.yml instead of lms.env.json. Perhaps that is your issue? If not, additional information and logs would be needed to debug the info, as @antoviaque said.