Is it possible to "pre-approve" beta enrollment by email?

I’d like to create a list of email addresses, where even if they don’t have an account yet if they come to the site, they can enroll in a beta class. Right now this doesn’t seem to work because I can only enroll students for beta testing if they already have an account on my site. But frequently they will sign up to beta test a class, and then I have to send them emails to tell them to create an account, and then I need to manually go back and enroll them after they have an account. This leads to a lot of back and forth and confusion for potential students.

I’d like to essentially do the combination of the “enroll” box and the “add to beta” box, where it will send out an email to tell them to create an account, and then once they create the account, they’ll already be able to see the beta class without me needing to add them again.

Is this possible? Or does it always have to be a multi-step back and forth process?

Hi Rohan,
Internally, beta tester is a role, as well as course staff or course admin. It is stored in a table, whose index is the student id, which is available only for active users. That is why currently it is not possible to assign as beta tester an email that is not related to an existing account. In the same way, you cannot assign someone that doesn’t have an account yet to the course staff team. I don’t even see an API endpoint to create a short development to change roles. So the short answer is unfortunately no, it is not possible.