Is there a way to *re* import transcripts from youtube?

I can’t find a way to re-import an updated transcript from YouTube. Is there one?

Right now whenever I make a bunch of youtube video transcript changes, I have to delete my videos out of open edx, create a new video, paste in the URL, click import, go over and change it to not show the transcript by default, and then hit save, and then move the video to the correct location in the unit. That’s a lot of extra work (multiplied over hundreds of videos (I wait until I have a batch to do, since this is so laborious)), which could all be saved if the button didn’t change into “Upload new transcript” (I don’t want to upload to youtube and upload separately to my open edx environment. .That’s a good way to desynchronize things and mess them up.))

I don’t know where I saw this for some other bug suggestion, but I finally find a workaround!

If you delete the Video ID (the big long GUID-looking string under the transcripts button), the “Upload new transcript” button will go away and the “Import YouTube transcript” button will return, and it will successfully pull down the updated transcript! At last! HOURS AND HOURS WILL BE SAVED!!! 🥲