Is XBlock a good fit for my authoring tool?


Guillaume from Assima here. My company provides a platform that allows our clients to create advanced software simulations and deliver them to their end-users. The core of our business is the creation of these simulations. We’re looking whether open edX could help us deliver the rest of the features, namely the management of contents and their delivery.

I’m still new to open edX, but I understand that XBlocks could be a good fit. However, looking at the documentation, I am not sure how far we’d be able to go with XBlocks. We would need to be able to deliver an advanced editor and store potentially large amount of data for each piece of content. The only way I can think of it is if the XBlock is simply used as an iframe around our authoring tool and our final content.

Could anyone tell me whether they think XBlocks are adapted to this use case or give me some pointers? Is there any known example of companies / products using open edX this way?


I found this video from 2017, which explains XBlocks a bit more. But it never mentions the authoring of the content inside the XBlocks. Are XBlocks always unconfigurable static pieces of contents that have been created outside of the block? And is this video still relevant?

XBlocks can be very powerful, the documentation here may be helpful to get you started.

If you’re going to be storing a lot of data, you may want to look at what edx-ora2 does.