Xblock-group-project-v2 Xblock wanted to install and use it

I have gone through xblock listing page where I found a very interesting Group xblock which has quite interesting features is developed by Opencraft . But I have seen it is under development so I am just curious when we can test this xblock with Nutmeg and test it out.

Nice work by Opencraft Team.

That XBlock was developed for a client that used a very customized version of Open edX, and unfortunately most of the XBlock does not work correctly without all of the other features that are on their fork.

So basically the code might be of interest to someone who wants to develop something similar, but it’s not a ready to use XBlock as it stands today.

I am run out of words to express my gratitude towards you.

I only wanted to create group of 5 children in OpenEdx for a particular project how I can achieve this thing.

I would suggest you ask on the Authoring or Instructional Design categories of this forum. Explain what you’re hoping to achieve in more detail, and see what advice you can get. Perhaps it’s possible using some combination of existing tools like ora2 or teams.