Issue : Unable to see logo even after associating custom theme(LMS+CMS)

Hello! FIrst of all thank you for your clean documentation. I was able to install and run openedx with tutor and also able to configure smtp. But I have tried taking ref from documentation about changing the logo, and tried to follow the steps mentioned. Still my logo is not showing, and also it didn’t throw any erro when I ran settheme. I can also see that theme has been associated with the site urls from admin panel.
I have referred -

  1. Local deployment — Tutor documentation
  2. Changing the appearance of Open edX — Tutor documentation
  3. HOWTO Customise the Open edX platform logo - Tutor - Overhang.IO
    Could you please help. I’m not able to upload ss, prompting for new user can’t upload.
    Thank you

Hello @Dipankar_Dey and welcome to the community!

Can you please provide more details like what version of Tutor you are using and what exactly steps you have followed? As you have attached different reference docs so it is hard to know what you have done till now. If you can provide these details then someone from the community will be able to help you. Try to be as much descriptive as you can.

And I have also created a GitHub Gist to set the theme in Tutor Open edX, you can check it here:
Useful command of Tutor Open edX · GitHub

I hope this will help you navigate.

Thank you so much for your time. I managed to solve this, by renaming my lms logo as logo.png and for cms studio-logo.png

And thanks a ton for sharing the cheat sheet for tutor commands. That’s a great help

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