Issue when running "tutor dev launch" with fork of quince.1

Hi everyone,

I have the following problem. I’m trying to run the Open edX development environment through Tutor, from a fork of version Quince. Specifically, it is a fork of the open-release/quince.1 tag, dated December 11 (commit 4e15e5e1ce5057ac9e6d321a15a339c963f76b1b). It doesn’t have any changes.

With this, I was able to set up a production environment without problems, following the instructions in the Tutor documentation. However, I’m having trouble with the development environment instructions.

When I run the “tutor dev launch” command, the LMS container stays in “Starting” permanently and the process never ends.

It is worth mentioning that I’m trying to set up the development environment on the same server where I already set up the production environment. Could be this what is causing the problem?

I am doing it this way since I’m simply testing with the new version of Open edX, but I also do not intend to develop on a local computer (where I can access localhost from a web browser) but rather I intend to develop on this server, so I intend to modify the default values of LMS_HOST and CMS_HOST so that they point to other web domains associated with this server. Anyway, I haven’t made these changes yet since the process is not finished.

What could it be due to? Thanks in advance for the assistance. Regards.

Actually, I found the issue.
It was the port. At that server, port 8000 (for LMS and CMS) was used by another service.

I’ve figure out this by trying the command “tutor dev start lms”, which showed me the error message.

But, i didn’t find a way to change the ports of LMS and CMS on the Development environment. If I make changes at docker-compose, later when I run “tutor dev launch”, those changes are overwritten by the default ones. So, I had to change the port from the another service to get this Development environment to run.

Is there any way to change these (or any of them) ports on dev, prior executing the “launch” command? Thanks in advance, @regis

Did you try adding docker-compose.overrides.yml file and overriding the start command there Local deployment — Tutor documentation?
Also, if you are running dev environment on same server, be mindful of the configurations Running multiple Open edX platforms on a single server — Tutor documentation.

Since I already found a partial solution, I haven’t tried what you propose. However, I intend to do so in the future. Thank you so much.