Not able to setup tutor dev environment for customization

For setup tutor development environment I run:
$tutor dev quickstart
then for customization I started running:
$ tutor dev start lms
but encountered with an error
exit code 1
Error: command failed with status 17

My environment

Ubuntu version 22.04
Docker version 4.14.1
Python version 3.11.0
tutor 14.2.2

Hi, @Vikas_Maharana welcome to the forum :sparkles:
I think your error probably it’s for your docker version. Try to follow the requirements in the tutor documentation. But it’s weird because if you could use tutor dev quickstart without error, you already had a dev env running.

Let me know if it works or not. :raised_hands:

yah the tutor dev environment is running but still, the tutor dev start lms is not working.
it’s giving me the same error.

Did you try viewing the container logs tutor dev logs -f or docker logs -f <lms_container>?

By this command, I can only see warning logs there is no such info.