Issues with Survey Tool for Pre and Post Assessments

Hi Community,

We are rolling out a learning activity that requires us to collect pre and post data from participants. We need to extract the data into a format we can import to statistical analysis software. Our team built this out using the survey tool but our beta testers had strong dislike for:

  1. Having to click “submit” at the bottom of each section instead of at the bottom of the page like a normal survey

  2. When the sections are submitted, the results are showing up. Participants should not be able to see the aggregate results like this.

Screen shot below.

How can we make on submit button and turn off the results showing? THANK YOU!

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For this, you can enable Private Results when setting up the block. Both Polls and Surveys support this.

I think you are limited here by the constraints of the block you are using. The poll and survey block currently cannot function in this way. Which isn’t to say that it isn’t technically possible to do this in the platform, just that it will need development in order to do so.

One somewhat hacky way might be to create a multiple-choice question using the problem component or using Problem Builder, and just setting all options as valid. The actual compilation of statistics can then be done after exporting the data from the course.