It is about Team feature

Hello everyone!
I want to enable teams feature for openedx
I have added Feature flag “ENABLE_TEAMS” as true in lms and cms
but it not reflecting on lms
here return that “The Teams page in the LMS becomes available only after you have specified at least one team topic.”
can anyone help me that how to create team topic??

The additional step that’s required here – and not very well documented – is to create the topics around which teams can be formed.

To do this, you will need to edit the Advanced Settings for your course in Studio.

There you define which topics exist and details like the max_team_size. I’ve included a sample JSON configuration so you’ll have the structure available for editing.

    "topics": [
            "description": "Homework",
            "name": "Homework",
            "id": "homework"
            "description": "Project 1",
            "name": "Project 1",
            "id": "project_1"
    "max_team_size": 10

After you’ve added this, the Teams tab should appear in the LMS.

Another details that is useful to know is that the topics have a permissions model associated with them – also that topics are sometimes referred to as team sets.

You can specify a topics permission model using the “type” attribute when defining it. The acceptable values and some idea how they behave is available in the docstring.

    Management and privacy scheme for teams within a team-set.

    "open" team-sets allow learners to freely join, leave, and create teams.

    "public_managed" team-sets forbid learners from modifying teams' membership.
    Instead, instructors manage membership (TODO MST-9).

    "private_managed" is like public_managed, except for that team names,
    team memberships, and team discussions are all private to the members
    of the teams (TODO MST-10).

Thank you @e0d
It worked successfully