Join the Test Team for Palm: Testing Starts This Friday 21 April 2023

Join the Test Team for Palm: Testing Starts This Friday 21 April 2023

Palm, the 16th version of the Open edX® platform, is scheduled for release on Monday 12 June 2023. Testing will take place over a period of six (6) weeks starting from this Friday 21 April 2023 and ending on Friday 2 June 2023.

The test instance, which is the first ever live Open edX® instance running Palm, was announced last week in a post by the test instance sponsor Régis here: Slack

The test plan for Palm currently includes 237 manual tests that can be filtered by user roles, namely Learners, Instructors, Authors, and DevOps. Since Olive, we’ve included new tests covering features such as Course Tours, and for Palm, we’re stretching the coverage of testing to include a growing list of commonly used switches and flags, as well as tests for Micro Frontends (MFEs) and candidate MFEs, which are modular components that can be integrated into the Open edX® platform.

To ensure the quality of Palm, we need your help! Testing will be conducted in three sprints:

Sprint 1: Friday 21 April 2023 to Thursday 4 May 2023
Sprint 2: Friday 5 May 2023 to Thursday 18 May 2023
Sprint 3: Friday 20 May 2023 to Thursday 2 June 2023.

We aim to have most of the test cases completed by the end of Sprint 1, leaving us with ample time to resolve GitHub issues and expand the testing footprint to cover more features and other parts of the system.

There are currently 25 members in the test team for Palm. We give a warm welcome to the latest members @john_curricume, @srushe1, @nadheemabdulla, and Saheefa Safar. We also thank the most active testers from Nutmeg and Olive, including but not limited to @Fayyaz_Ahmed, @sambapete, @ghassan, @mgmdi, @Maksim_Sokolskiy, @ARMBouhali, and others. and I hope you will enjoy testing Palm too.

Everyone is welcome to join the test team, regardless of their technical expertise. There are many non-technical test cases, such as checking links and buttons, that anyone can do. However, we also have important technical tests for more experienced developers. Your contribution is always valuable.

The official test sheet for Palm can be found here: Open edX® Palm Test Sheet - Google Sheets. Please read the instructions in the Readme sheet before starting your testing. If your name is not in the sheet, just get in touch with us on this post or in Slack so we can add you to the team. If you have any questions at anytime please ask away. If you have suggestions for improvements please add them to the Suggestions sheet.

Let’s get testing and see where we can take things for Palm!


Let’s go!! :fire: :palm_tree: :fire:


@MoiSAreA I think this is an excellent opportunity to start contributing to the BTR WG!


:palm_tree: Palm Testing: Sprint 1 Update :palm_tree:

Great progress so far, some people have made huge efforts already! We’re currently on schedule but we do need to maintain this amazing pace otherwise we will fall behind.

We have been testing Palm for just less than 2 weeks and we are therefore nearing the end of Sprint 1 this Friday 5 May (as you know there are 3 sprints of 2 weeks duration each).

So far, 51.1% of test cases have been completed with 8 GitHub issues having been created. While this is a good effort so far, we must ensure we finish at least 90% of test cases soon (in the next week or so) to leave sufficient time for the technical teams to get to work on the GitHub issues and for the Tutor Maintainers to upgrade their plugins.

We wish to thank the following members who have done testing so far:

@john_curricume with 59 tests
@Fayyaz_Ahmed with 51 tests
@sambapete with 33 tests
@mgmdi with 10 tests
@Dean with 9 tests
@jramnai with 7 tests

GitHub Issues:

Only 8 GitHub issues have been created and many of them have only failed because the Tutor Plugin has not been upgraded yet:

  1. TC_LEARNER_8: Registration email was not received · Issue #264 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub <— resolved by John, Pierre, Maria, and Dean
  2. TC_LEARNER_17: Unable to configure course email preferences · Issue #265 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub <— Hard to test since platform email is not fully configured in the test instance
  3. Unable to enable the discussion forum in palm demo instance · Issue #269 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub <— Ghassan is busy upgrading the Tutor-Forum plugin which is blocking this issue.
  4. Bookmark tool is not saving bookmarks · Issue #270 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub <— Henry Pulgarin was self assigned to this issue 5 days ago
  5. Internationalization is failing for certain languages and certain pages · Issue #267 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub <— Internationalization is failing for certain pages and languages, mostly MFE related. This is a big issue from a user point of view.
  6. [TC_AUTHOR_87] > Enable/disable Progress page · Issue #278 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub <— Progress Graph not able to be enabled/disabled. Ghassan and Maria are busy resolving this! Nice job!
  7. #263 <— Android App Tutor-Plugin has not been updated and it’s blocking this test.
  8. Certificate signatures stack on print mode and extend to two pages · Issue #274 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub <— This certificate CSS issue has not been picked up by anyone yet. Is someone interested to take a look at it?

Suggestions and Comments added to the sheet:

  • Pierre noticed that the Demo Course still fails to be exported.
  • John found that TC_LEARNER_30 is a duplicate and can be deprecated in the future, so I’ve marked it for deprecation in the deprecation column (the 3rd column in the test sheet).
  • Jayram found that the Open edX logo and copyright string is not present in the MFE footers.

Where to from here?

  • Calling all Test Team members who have not had time to test yet. It’s crucial we take 5-10 test cases each to reduce the burden on the leading testers listed above. They can’t do it all on their own (surely). Those who have not had time to do testing yet (I’ve only done 9 so far!) should please make an effort to do at least 5-10 tests if possible by this Friday (or by the end of this weekend let’s say). We will then have made significant progress towards achieving 90%+ test case completion by the end of Sprint 1.

  • We are going to follow up individually with each Tutor Maintainer to get a tentative date for the Tutor Plugin upgrades.


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@Deat ttutor-forum is already updated, and now it’s on the demo running. I just checked it

Great job @ghassan. You’re really quick!

@john_curricume I’ve also tested this and I presume you could close this issue?

Hello. I have been putting off upgrading my Lilac instance because each release since then has broken critical things for me. I’d like to get an early start on testing Palm, so that perhaps when it’s released in June it will have all the fixes I need in order to upgrade. Should I be participating in the above testing, and adding the functional test cases that I’ve seen remaining broken, in order to achieve this goal?


Thank you for the question. Yes definitely, if you’ve found something that is broken, let me know what it is and I will create a test case for you.

Together, we can make Open edX® bug free.

@Dean What is the correct way for me to test an upgrade to Palm on a clone of my existing system?

Hi! Thanks for the question!

The correct way is to upgrade from Olive to Palm.

The question was how to upgrade in place to Palm from Olive, while it’s still not released? What’s the best practice there? Because I can’t just do a tutor upgrade, because the latest tutor will just still give Olive. Also, how do I join the Slack? (It looks like it’s not open access)

@ABC You need to git install tutor and it;s essetinal plugin (at least tutor-mfe), and checkout to palm branch and then rebuild the images. This typically the defacto way to use the release branch before it get tagged.

An excplit example:

git clone && cd tutor && git checkout palm && pip install -e .
You can replicate the above at least for tutor-mfe and tutor-forum plugins which I know do currently have palm branch.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the help. I went ahead and split off the errors to a separate thread here.

:palm_tree: Palm Testing: Sprint 3 Update :palm_tree:

Well done TEAM, we are at 96.1% completion and rrrready to move towards public release!

What remains to be completed and/or updated in the sheet?

  1. Tutor Plugin: E-commerce
  2. Tutor Plugin: Cookie Cutter
  3. Tutor Plugin: Notes
  4. Tutor Plugin: xQueue
  5. Bookmarks Tool: According to this GitHub issue it’s resolved, but we need to test it again to check.
  6. Enable/Disable Progress Graph: [TC_AUTHOR_87] > Enable/disable Progress page · Issue #278 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub
  7. Certificate Display: Certificate signatures stack on print mode and extend to two pages · Issue #274 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub
  8. TC_DEVOPS_13: This is the upgrade from Olive to Palm. it is being handled here and facing some bugs it seems: Upgrading tutor to Palm - #9 by ABC

One more push and we are 100%.

FTR, the notes and xqueue plugins have been deployed to the demo platform.

The bookmarks are still not working on the demo platform. I just checked it. Has the fix from @ghassan been included in Palm?

I installed the fix in our fork of Olive and it is working. I haven’t had a chance to migrate to Palm yet.

I just rebuilt the MFE image from scratch and can confirm the fix is working: Authn | null


I confirm. As a result I have updated the test result for TC_LEARNER_37 in the test spreadsheet.

Now up to 96.6% complete.

CC: @Dean

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