Join the Test Team for Quince and Meet the Test Champions from Palm

We’re busy testing Quince. Join us!

The testing period for the Quince release has commenced on Monday, 23 October 2023 and will continue for approximately 5 weeks.

As we gear up to test Quince, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of our testing champions from the previous release, Palm. Their dedication and perseverance paved the way for the success of our testing endeavours.

Completing a whopping 76 tests, @john_curricume of secured 1st place. Closely followed by @Fayyaz_Ahmed of Edly in 2nd place with 72 tests. Notably, Fayyaz took 1st place when we tested Olive six months prior. In 3rd place, @sambapete Pierre Mailhot of EDUlib with an impressive 34 tests. Pierre is also a previous testing champion.

Once the testing has been completed and all the bugs have been identified, our highly talented technical testers handle those bugs. So let’s thank a few of the most active testers: @kmccormick @pdpinch @mgmdi @ghassan @jramnai and more!

As we embark on this new phase, we encourage interested community members to actively participate in the testing process. Our purpose as the test team is to check each feature of the platform and ensure that a robust and user-friendly learning environment will be released to the public, on time.

Join the Testing Team for Quince: How You Can Contribute

By actively participating in the testing process, you not only contribute to the development of the platform but also gain valuable insights into its inner workings. Everyone is welcome to join the test team, regardless of their technical expertise. There are many non-technical test cases, such as checking links and buttons, that anyone can do. However, we also have important technical tests for more experienced developers. Your contribution is always valuable.

Getting Started with Quince Testing: Your Roadmap

For those eager to get started, here’s a quick roadmap to guide you through the testing process:

  1. Explore the Testing Environment: Dive into the testing environment sponsored by Edly to experience the new functionalities firsthand: See the readme here for more details: GitHub - overhangio/openedx-release-demo: Open edX Olive demo platform CD
  2. Report Bugs and Provide Feedback: Your feedback is crucial in identifying and rectifying any issues that may arise during the testing phase. Share your findings, suggestions, and recommendations. Learn more in the readme section of the test sheet here: Quince Test Sheet - Google Sheets. There’s also an old How To video from last year:
  3. Collaborate with the Community: Engage in discussions, share your insights, and collaborate with fellow testers to collectively contribute to the refinement of the Open edX® platform.

Join us in reaching this milestone as we test and make stable the Open edX® software Quince release!


I am unable to create an account on the Testing Environment.

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For anyone following, there is an open issue for this: [Test failure] TC_LEARNER_7: Can't create an account · Issue #318 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub

@Dean I want to contribute to Quince release testing, please add me to the group as a tester, so that I may be able to assign TCs to myself.

Hi @Suleman_Rafi ,

Welcome to the forum and an even warmer welcome to the test team! I’ve added your name to the dropdown so you can get started.

Take it one test at a time and if you have any questions just let me know right here.

Happy testing!

@Dean, thanks for adding me as a tester, but I’m still unable to assign TC to myself, If you could please provide access to this sheet too. Thanks

@Dean I want to be part of Quince release testing, Can you please add me to the testing group, so that I might allocate Testcases to myself.
Thank you!

@Dean I want to contribute to Quince release testing, please add me to the group as Saim Jahangir from Arbisoft, so that I may be able to assign TCs to myself.

Hi @Saim

A warm welcome to you!

You are now added to the test team! As this is your first time, please let me know if you have any questions about getting started etc.

@Faisal_Rasheed welcome to the test team!

You’ve been added to the sheet too!

@Dean, thanks for adding me

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