Palm master branches are coming

Every six months, the Build/Test/Release working group (BTR) creates an Open edX named release. The next release is named Palm, and will be officially finished in early June.

The first step of that process is to create “release branches” in about 40 repos. BTR will be creating open-release/palm.master branches in those repos on April 11th next week. This gives about two months for the community to test and fix the release before June.

What you should do: If you have work that is in-flight, and needs to either land completely in Palm, or needs to wait until after the branches are cut, please let BTR know in the “wg-build-test-release” Slack channel, or by opening an issue for them.

There is a Palm wiki page for collecting notable release notes, though it’s quite sparse at the moment. Please update it!

Have questions? If you want to know more, we have an FAQ about the Open edX community releases. Please reach out if you have any questions.

The public named releases are an important part of the work we all do. Thanks for helping!


Thanks, Ned!