Juniper Alpha 1 questions

Congratulations to all of you at edX for a major achievement! I never though it would happen before 2020.

I have a couple of edge cases to ask about, as far as the Juniper release is concerned:

  • It’s my understanding that the codejail sandboxes on are still running Python 2.7, until the courseware can be reviewed and upgraded. I don’t know if anyone else uses this feature, but we’ll be facing a similar migration on campus at MIT and it would be great to know how you dealt with the transition.

  • Similarly, have xqueue and xqueuewatcher been upgraded to Python 3? I know xqueuewatcher has supported Python 3 in its sandbox for some time, but I’m wondering about the xqueue and xqueuewatcher apps.

Regarding codejails, we’re handling this with a separate requirements file for the Python 3 codejail and a test server configured to run that instead of Python 2 to test the code being run in it. Once we’re fairly confident all the code should work in either Python 2 or 3, we’ll switch over production to use the newer Python 3 codejail with its updated dependencies.

xqueue has been upgraded to Python 3 and we’re running it on that in production. xqueuewatcher is supposed to be able to run under Python 3, but we had overlooked switching it over so it’s still on 2.7 in production.