Juniper is here!

We’re pleased to announce the tenth community release of the Open edX platform, named Juniper. This release updates the software from Python 2 to Python 3, and from Django 1.11 to Django 2.2. These upgrades were essential for ensuring the Open edX platform runs on well-supported languages and frameworks.

In addition to Python and Django upgrades, this release includes nearly 18 months of improvements and fixes. Detailed release notes will be available soon.

Important: With this release, the previous Open edX release (Ironwood) is no longer supported. Operators are encouraged to upgrade to Juniper to continue receiving security fixes. Keep in mind that earlier releases use Python and Django versions that no longer receive security fixes.

To get started with your own Open edX installation, choose a fully managed or self-managed installation.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, especially the Build-Test-Release working group who worked hard to release Juniper, and also to chart a new way forward for future releases.


Congratulations to all !!

Thanks to the all the community and staff.


Congratulation and thanks for your hard work @nedbat! :smiley:

Great! Looking forward to the release notes :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I have been waiting for python 3 for a long time

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