Juniper Alpha 1

The production servers have been running on Python 3 since Tuesday. So that the community can help test the stability of the code, and get a preview of what’s coming, I’ve made the first alpha release of Juniper, the next Open edX release.

This is not the official start of the Juniper release. We have not yet created the Juniper master branches, so all current work on the masters in all repos will still affect Juniper, and be included in Juniper. The current plan is to start the official Juniper release process once we have Django 2.2 running on all our services.

We don’t have release notes yet, but engineers have been making notes in the Juniper wiki page about important changes. One of the things you can tell is if changes that affected you aren’t on that page.

You can install it with the Ubuntu Native installation instructions using the setting:

export OPENEDX_RELEASE=open-release/juniper.alpha1

We need information from you about this code. Is it working for you? What’s missing? We have some time to address gaps if you identify them for us.

To discuss any aspect of the Juniper Alpha 1, create a new topic with “Juniper Alpha” as part of the title.


This is great news! Congrats on running Open edX with Python 3 in production. I’ve already managed to convert the openedx docker image used for Tutor to the Juniper alpha tag, although there remain issues (the one I’m currently dealing with has to do with the JWT settings). I’ll be sure to write a post that summarizes my findings once I reach a stable point.


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