Just stumbled upon :) guidance needed

I was looking for php/mysql/wordpress solution for a free educational platform for homeschoolers and special kids - and found Open edX.

I am a hardcore graphics designer cum video maker with some knowledge of web frontend scripts and wordpress, no handson with php/mysql.

How this platform will help me, will I be able to make the whole website? Or this is too advance for me to chew and I should start with wordpress or corephp / mysql with a hired developer ?

I am looking at a tiny mini version of IXL, KhanAcademy, etc - with around 5000 worksheets and 80-100 videos, assessment, and test papers in hand to start with.

@homeschoolclan Welcome to Open edX!

If you would like to install and customize something easily on your own, similarly to Wordpress, Open edX might be a bit more complex than you want to. It’s also very powerful, but it will take some significant effort to set up. You could however have a look at some of the pre-made distributions - Tutor being one of the easiest and robust, especially in terms of upgrades:


An alternative could be to start by using a hosted version, and see if it fits your use case out of the box: