Learner Engagement Report

Hi all,

I am using ironwood.master release.

I need to know how can I download Learner Engagement Report - https://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/open-edx-building-and-running-a-course/en/latest/student_progress/course_student.html#download-the-learner-engagement-report

Should I need to enable some cron job in openedx ? Or Is it something related to Open edX insight ? Please guide.


Unfortunately that report isn’t available. I asked about this a few months back and got the answer that it was actually a report created for a custom fork of edX.org way back in the Cypress era that was never a part of the core platform, but the documentation ended up in the Open edX docs anyway

@omar opened up a PR for removing it from the documentation but ended up closing it because it didn’t get attention and he didn’t have the time to chase and follow up on it.

@nedbat can I get your thoughts on this one please? It’s come up a few times now and the broken dreams of people who want this report to exist make me sad every time

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Thanks @MHaton for reply.

So does it means the only option left to check the engagement for learner is through open edX INSIGHT?

@MHaton I will look into it. Broken dreams make me sad too. :frowning:

Yep, for now, as far as I’m aware. Figures is looking to solve for the same sorts of thing in a lightweight way, but it’s still in very early days of development and can’t display engagement data just yet

Ah, the old Learner Engagement report, broken dreams indeed.

OK, let’s get rid of the page: https://github.com/edx/edx-documentation/pull/1846 (I would have just re-opened the old pull request, but I had to delete the reference to the page also).


Thanks @MHaton for sharing. I ll surely have a look in it.