[Learning MFE] Effort estimate for subsection has disappeared after adding the video in any course unit

Hello, Community! Please, help with the next issue.

Automatic Effort estimate for subsections works fine, but if you add any video (external-sourced) in any course unit - all the effort estimates disappear.

Some investigation results:

  • All external videos (video is marked as external if it is added with the external URL e.g. from youtube, internal video could be added by the edx ID) do not contain any video metadata.
  • Metadata is added when transcripts are added to the video, but even in that case an attribute duration is set to 0!
  • When estimation_transformer collects estimates from the course structure: the existence of the “empty” video (video without duration or with the duration <= 0) leads to marking the course as estimation not available and the transformer won’t show any estimations at all. Timed estimation is available for internal videos (still not clear enough how video becomes internal) and HTML blocks.

Is this a bug? Or maybe we’ve missed something? How can we get the video for usage as “internal” (with access by its ID)?

Thanks :pray:

@arbrandes Could you please help to find answers to my questions?

I’m sorry @Andrii_Pohibko, but I’m not the best person to ask about Learning MFE details. I’ll let somebody else jump in, here (hopefully the bump will help :).

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