Time estimates in maple

Can anyone let me know about the new feature in maple release named “effort estimates” where we get the estimated time of the subsection problem and activities. I want to know how it can be configured? I am sure there is a waffle flag but I am unable to trace it.
Here is the link:

I have got the course completion banner as well as the completion banner on the first section too but the time estimate on the subsections is not visible. I have switched on some waffle flags due to which completion functionality is working. The only issue is with the “time estimate” of subsections.

Did you do this, from the blog post?

Note that all course videos must have durations in edx-val, and courses need to be republished, for the course outline effort estimates (detailed above) to show up.

First I created a course with subsections of text and default edx video. After that, the sections were made graded and published. The course was completed by a test user but time was not shown on the subsections. Do I have to republish the course?

@Muhammad_Omer I don’t really know. I just wanted to make sure you’ve read that section of the blog post. I’m not sure if edx-val is something you need to set up. But you could try republishing the course.