List of Open edX extensions

As part of the work being done in the Open edX marketing group we want to contribute with creating and maintaining a list of useful additional tools that can be integrated or used in combination with the open edX platform.
The goal is to have this list published in the website as a tool that potential and current Open edX users can use to discover the possibilities available to extend and enrich their initiatives.

One important bit in which this tool differs from the more organically built recollections we have done so far is that to the extent that it has mainly a marketing purpose, it will be curated to include only include components that meet certain criteria, so that a potential newcomer organization into the space doesn’t get frustrated amidst with poor or not very relevant information.
Another difference is that this list will aggregate different type of resources, such as:

  • third party tools that play nicely with open edX
  • xblocks
  • Pluggins
  • IDAs that work in combination with Open edX
  • Themes for the Open edX platform

The vision for this initiative would be to become an active marketplace of 3rd party tools and options with community driven submissions, rattings, comments and more.

The first 2 tasks at hand are:

  1. to build a first version of the list, which we already started in a shared document at
  2. to agree on the criteria that items in the list must meet in order to be included. The first draft of the criteria was done by @juancamilom and is an open discussion, welcoming your contributions. The specifics are included here:

We look forward to your ideas and contributions.