Live group video streaming in Open edX

Thank you very much Juan @juancamilom ,
The feature you pointed out is very valuable and useful. but if I’m not wrong it is about having user’s full name in bbb.
But what I’m looking for is to record meetings and include a download link for each session in the course page. would that help me to achieve my goal?

The LTI consumer xblock will take care of placing the link to direct your users towards BBB. Scheduling the session or recording it is something that you will have to handle outside of the Open edX platform.

That’s right Juan,
I think you haven’t watch the video I pointed.

There you can see a list of previous recorded videos inside the edx-platform LMS. I want to know if currently it is possible to show that list to our learners or we need to do more R&D.

Deaar Chinmay,
We have integrated BBB using its LTI to Openedx. But we got stuck at one place. Everything woking fine. When attendee joins the webconference, then their name doesnt show in openedx.i t shows like attendee1, attendee2. and so on… how to change the name of attendee with their respective name?