Big blue button LTI integration issue

Hi All,
We are trying to enable the LTI component, we follow this documentation for that( can integrate successfully and it shows

like this. we are facing some issues

  1. we can’t turn on the video and audio
  2. We have no control on BBB.
    BBB standalone flow for joining the classroom
    1.start the session by moderator.
    2.approve the joining requests of students by the moderator.
  3. Students can enter the classroom.
    LTI integration flow
    1.student can enter the classroom before starting the session.

Why this kind of flow mismatch occur? are we miss out on any steps during the LTI integration process?

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  1. Looks like as the error message says, WebRTC is not supported on Chrome for iOS.

2, 3. I tried personally BBB LTI module with Open EDX, after each session no rooms or session for the rooms in the Greenlight admin shows, also cannot find the recordings in the Greenlight admin.
After i do bbb-record --list in the terminal, i can see the recordings and meeting IDs
So BBB lacks a frontend for the LTI module, and you will need to build one for your integration with Open EDX.

I came across and but i did not try them yet, not sure what they do and there is not much description as to what they do.


@johnnyak. Thank you. is there any documentation regarding this?

What exactly do you refer to when you say ‘this’, @Devi_Sithar?